Sala dell'Affresco

Similar to the style of the house, there is an internal restaurant with 3 large dining halls:

- Sala Cappella (Chapel Dining Hall): you are immersed in a spiritual and at the same time romantic place inside the historic chapel of the 16th century;

- Sala Belvedere (Balcony Dining Hall), with panoramic view over the valley;

- Sala dell'Affresco (Fresco Dining Hall), with the Last Supper and a splendid view over the valley.


Suitable for hosting also groups and large parties.

Simple dishes, made with love and attention to the use of fresh and local produce, which make you travel to other, ancient, eras also thanks to the care of the service, which reflects the history of the Casa del Pellegrino.

In harmony with the style and the prestigious setting, the dishes are served in vintage soup tureens.



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