Fabio and Eli, a couple with a common passion: things and furnishings of other times.

Our house is an example of it, furnished with objects not of antiques but coming from ancient attics or from  Lombard and Piedmontese street markets.


In life, we have followed different paths: Elisabetta Nursing Sciences and Fabio Elettronics and IT.

For years, out of passion, we have been helping run the Casa Saronnese a few weeks a year, a holiday home of our parish at Passo del Brocon near Trento.

Elisabetta has always been in the kitchen, first as a helper and then as a cook. She was in the staff of volunteers used to serving on average 80 people daily. Ely in cucina
Fabio, as a kitchen attendant, has dealt with management and procurement, but also with kitchen cleaning and home maintenance, moving from hydraulics to electricity without problems. The Casa Saronnese, like all old-fashioned structures for holidays, always needs attention and quick repairs.